Trevor Newport Ministries

2011 Schedule
Most of Trevor's work involves traveling both within the UK, and internationally. He speaks at churches, conferences, and also provides private consultancy to Christian leaders all over the world. See below for his upcoming schedule.

If you are interested in having Trevor speak at an event, please do not hesitate to contact us
2011 Schedule

1st - 3rd June - Gate International, Dundee, UK
6th - 19th June - Salt of the Earth, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA
20th - 25th June - Oklahoma, USA. 
28th June - 1st July - ICLC Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA.
12th - 15th July - Sheffield, UK
23rd - 26th August - Oslo, Norway
20th September - Manilla, Philippines 
21st - 23rd September - Vigan, Philippines
28th - 29th September - Tokyo, Japan
30th September - Church of Praise, Osaka, Japan with apostle Gaius Lawrence.
October/November 2012 - USA (dates/places to be confirmed)